Monday, January 20, 2014

2 Easy Ways To Save $1378 In One Year

When I saw the 52 Week Savings Challenge chart come up on my Pinterest feed, I thought "I can do that."    I have to admit I'm not that great with saving money. For me, this plan seems simple and painless.

There are two different ways to do the weekly version, you can either start with $1 and increase it each week or start with $52 and decrease each week.   The end result is still the same, but I figured I'd have more money in the beginning of the year then at the end.   Obviously this is meant as a New Year's resolution type challenge, but you can start it at any time.  I'm starting this week but will save as if this is week 4 which means I'm putting aside $202.   It will be a nice chunk of change that sure will come in handy for Christmas gifts.  Although, you could use the money for a family trip, maybe new furniture or a household project that's been put off for too long.  You could just leave it and grow your savings every year, but that's no fun.

This chart breaks it down monthly, it might work better with someone's budget to do it this way. 

I've seen people tape it to a large jar, but I think it would be too easy to "borrow" from the jar if it was sitting right there.  I'm printing mine out and keeping it in my bill paying binder so it's always there to remind me.  I should frame it and hang it on the wall above my desk, that would be hard to miss!  

Do you have any tips or tricks for saving money?  I'd love to hear about them.