Monday, December 31, 2012

Out With The Old.... In With The New

Original title, I know.... but if the shoe fits.

2012 had it's up and downs.  I'm going to try not to dwell on the negative and focus on the positive.  

This year I broke through a few fears and did things I thought I would never do for the first time.   
I went to my first blogging conference (BlogHer12). I took a train to NYC by myself.  I took a NYC cab by myself. I even ate off a NYC food cart for the first time.  

This summer I also went on my first cruise.  I have a bit of a fear of boats so that was a big deal for me.   It was a great time and we made great memories but I don't think it's "my kinda vacation."  

Then, in early December I had a table at my very first craft show.  It was an experience.  I have never felt so vulnerable before in my whole life!  I mean, going to the gyno is less uncomfortable then sitting there while people walk by looking at crafts you put so much into making.

Those are just a few highlights of 2012.  I'm looking forward to 2013 and what it has to bring.  
I can't believe that this year I'm going to lose one teenager and gain another.   Nicholas will be 20 and Thomas 13.  It seems crazy to actually think of it that way.  

It goes without saying that I plan to be more organized, more financially responsible and pay attention to my health in this coming year.  But the most important things for me in 2013 is to break through even more fears, be happy and positive. 

Happy New Year!          


Monday, December 3, 2012

My First Craft Show

Saturday I went to my hometown for my first ever craft show!

Let me take you back to the beginning.   Growing up in Somers, NY there was a huge craft show at my elementary school every year called Holiday Happiness.   I remember going as a little girl, a teenager in high school and even a couple times when Nicholas was little.  It is put on by the school's PTA as it's biggest fundraiser of the year.

Over the last 5 years I have thought about getting a table and selling some of my small crafts.   I never had the nerve, until this year!    I was super excited, went on the website printed out the registration form and sent in the money for my spot.
I had an idea of what I wanted to sell.   I knew I wanted to gear the majority of my crafts as "teacher gift ideas."   I thought everyone would enjoy getting something different for those poor teachers who get the same old mug every year!      I also would sell my burlap Christmas wreaths.  

All of last week I was busy crafting my little heart out.  (Yes, I waited til the last possible second)
I was a big ball of stress, nervousness and excitement that I was actually going to go through with something that scared the crap out of me.    

Somers, NY is about an hour and 15 minutes from my house.  So, the night before I went down and stayed at mom's house.  We had to be there bright and early, registration started at 7:30am.

This was my set up.  Can I tell you, sitting there in that chair next to my stuff, I felt like I was naked.
I wasn't expecting to have such an overwhelming feeling of being vulnerable.

I thought I had a good variety of gifts.  

  • Decorated Square Glass Candle Holders (filled with rocks or marbles with a tea light) 
  • Decorated Mason Jar (with matches inside and sandpaper on top to light them.) 
  • Cork Mouse Pads (in 4 different fabrics) 
  • Decorated Hand Soap Bottles 
  • Decorated Purel Bottles
  • Peppermint Foot Scrub
  • Over-Sized Metal Snowflake Ornament/Decoration (could be personalized with stickers) 
  • "Notes" Dry Erase Boards 
  • Burlap Christmas Wreaths
Unfortunately, I only sold 2 of my wreaths and one of my friends stopped by to buy a few of the smaller things.  The show just doesn't get the crowd it used to.   I heard from some of the other vendors that it was set up a lot different then the previous years.       
It was a disappointment, I can't lie. I guess I just have to look at like, I have Christmas gifts all ready to give and that I put myself out there!