Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Carpet One's New iPad Magazine

Beautiful Design Made Simple is a new digital home decor magazine for your iPad.
Created by Carpet One,  this quarterly magazine is packed with interactive articles, videos and slideshows with the latest tips and advice for decorating your home.

The premiere issue is filled great advice for finding inspiration.  Within the next few months I want to redo my living room.   New furniture, paint and all around design of the whole room.    I'm constantly looking at paint colors, couches and wall art hoping something will just "speak" to me.  I'm still on the hunt, but it really helped me focus on what I want and don't want.

The issue also has a great article on how to incorporate Benjamin Moore's 2013 color trends into your home for an updated look.  There is a trend for everyone's style, Artisan, Urbanite, New Traditional, and Coastal all have such beautiful pallets to choose from, I couldn't even tell you my favorite right now.

I think you need to just go check out the totally free app for yourself.   You can download it for your iPad at 

I'd love to hear what you think about it.  Did it help you with ideas for your home?

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Con-tact Paper....It Isn't Just For Lining Your Shelves

I have many obsessions and I'll be the first to admit that some of them are WEIRD.   My current obsession happens to be Con-tact paper.  I've been on a a kick lately, covering anything and everything with it.

It all started when I spotted this black and white shelf liner at Target.  I didn't have plans to redo any drawers or cabinets in the kitchen, I just knew I wanted it because it was pretty.  

I did use it to re-line the insides of my cabinets.

But that's not all I covered with it.....

My kitchen isn't very big, so I've always picky about what I leave on the counter tops.  I use these two cleaners so many times a day it was just more convenient  for me to leave them out.   But I couldn't stand that they stuck out like a sore thumb.  
So yes, I did cover my disinfecting wipes and glass cleaner with Con-tact paper just to match my kitchen.
And, YES I did spray paint the blue cover from the spray cleaner black so it would match too.  (I told you my obsessions were weird)  I keep the black cover and just reuse it on the new can.  I do have to recover it  every time I replace it, but it's worth it to me. (It's the OCD in me)    As for the wipes, I did buy the Target Up & Up brand only because the top was white, I refill it with what ever is on sale, Lysol or Clorox.  

But it doesn't stop there. When I went to take a picture of the corner in my kitchen to show how everything matched,  I realized something wasn't right.

Did you notice it?.... The rooster container on the shelf above my paper towel holder all of a sudden seemed yucky to me.  I keep scissors, pens, pencils and candle lighters in that, so it needs to stay.  It's been there for so long I can't believe it didn't bother me sooner. I do have roosters in other place in the kitchen, but I figured why not just cover it.

Ok, that's better.  (Sorry for the bad shot and glare)  It's all nice, neat and matchy-matchy, just how I like it!

I also used the Con-tact paper to cover some recycled soup cans, that I used as a utensil holder.  
(It was Christmas time when I did this project.  I was planning on gluing the snowflakes to each can for decoration, but decided not to after I was done) 
See Con-tact paper isn't just for lining your shelves.  You can use it to cover just about anything!  I did!

Just so you know I didn't get paid by Con-tact or anyone else for writing this post.  I do love it, use it and am happy to share my obsession with all of you!  

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tackle It Tuesday

Can you believe it's Tuesday again already?   Well it is and that means it's time for another Tackle It Tuesday  task.    This week the challenge is to clean out and organize a bathroom drawer.
My bathroom vanity doesn't have drawers.  I use baskets on a shelf above the mirror for toiletries and stuff.   I had just cleaned out and organized those a couple weeks ago, so I choose to do under the sink.  

                                    BEFORE                                          AFTER

I have to say it is kinda weird sharing pictures of my bathroom stuff, but these Tackle Tuesday tasks  have really kept me motivated.    

Do you want to join in on the Clean Home Challenge?   Check out the Facebook group and start whenever you can.  Katrina keeps each week easy to handle so you feel accomplished.  

Monday, January 21, 2013

"Bud Buddies".. The Gift Of Beer

I know it's been a while since Christmas, but I wanted to share with you one of the gifts I made for my brother and brother-in-law.   These are perfect to give to a guy for any occasion.   Although, I wouldn't mind if I got beer as a gift!  Just sayin'
My brother, sister and I had stopped officially exchanging gifts with each other years ago, I don't pay attention to that stuff and always get them a "little something" anyway.  
My mom and sister Suzanne are easy, I usually either make or buy some sort of Christmas decoration for their houses.   But it's always harder to come up with an idea for the guys. (Aka. my brother James and my brother-in-law Ralph)

Then it came to me scrolling through Pinterest (I know, isn't Pinterest the BEST?)   It was a six pack of beer made to look like reindeer.   Genius, I tell ya.. just genius!

I ran out to Walmart and the liquor store to get everything I needed.  When I get an idea, and a good one at that, I can't wait to get started.

I know, those aren't reindeer.  Once I started gluing on the googly-eyes I thought they looked cute and funny without everything else.    That is why I wound up calling them "Bud Buddies."  They are like little buddies to drink with.    Needless to say they were a big hit!  

Are you on Pinterest too?  Follow me and I'll follow ya back!



Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tackle It Tuesday

One of my goals for 2013 is to be more organized and sticking to somewhat of a schedule for myself.

Last week my friend Cheryl sent me a link to a  Facebook group 52 Week Clean House Challenge.   Each week we tackle an area in our houses to clean and organize.   I think it's manageable, Katrina makes it so you don't feel totally overwhelmed.   I wouldn't be able to keep up with it if I felt like there was no way I could finish the task in a day or two. 

So, I jumped in this week (Week #3) to clean out a kitchen cabinet.  That's the great thing, you can jump in at any time, and that tasks are so easy you could probably catch up on a few in one week.   
I choose the cabinet under my coffee makers (yes, we have two.. I'm an old fashioned-kinda-girl and like to make a pot of coffee and Chris loves to make all sorts of coffee, tea, cappuccinos and hot cocoas with the Keurig)  We have a bit of a hoarding problem when it comes to travel coffee mugs, as you will see in my "before" picture below.

I have old, old base cabinets that have been in our house for probably 30 years.  About 10 years ago Chris made all new doors with beadboard and I love them, so I never felt the need to buy all new cabinets. 

Ok, like I said we have an issue with buying and keeping travel mugs and cups, so that was the first cabinet I wanted to tackle this week.     




                            BEFORE (ewwww)                                                  AFTER (ahhhh) 

Yay for me!  I can't wait to do all my other cabinets.   I've given myself until next Tuesday to finish all the kitchen cabinets.      

Do you have an cleaning/organizing schedule?  I'd love to hear how you tackle your household chores.  

Don't forget if you want to join the 52 Week Clean Home Challenge, join the Facebook group and start at anytime!