Sunday, September 16, 2012

September 16th... Wife Appreciation Day?

Did you know that today, September 16th is known as National Wife Appreciation Day?
Yeah, neither did I.
I happen to catch a post on Facebook this morning by Duncan Hines mentioning it.    Of course I had to check out Google to see if it was a "real thing."   Why? I don't know!  It's not like anything about the day would change if it was, but when ya gotta know, you gotta know!

The first website I found was  their definition was... "There are few cultural cliche's quite as entrenched as the supportive, caring, considerate wife. But believe it or not, it’s not all a big con; the bond between husband and wife runs deep, and it’s important to recognise that level of commitment and dedication to a partner. Wife Appreciation Day encourages husbands and partners to surprise their wives with gifts, recognition and above all, appreciation."   

I've been stressed-out and not feeling too great lately. So I decided I was going to celebrate the day and appreciate myself!  Hell,  if I don't who the hell else will?
While out on my weekly pilgrimage to the store for the Sunday newspapers (coupons, coupons, coupons) I grabbed myself a bouquet of flowers.   I went home put them in a vase, made myself a cocktail and put my feet up. (for 5 mins... then it was time to start dinner)   *Sigh*

Did you know what today was?  Did you know there is something to "celebrate" everyday?   Like Wednesday is "Talk like a Pirate Day?"  or that  Friday is "Miniature Golf Day?"  I'm going to try to celebrate more in the future.  Why not?