Thursday, March 8, 2012

Combining My Love of Burlap & Goodwill

If you are on Pinterest then you must also know that right now the "in" thing is  BURLAP!  I have happily jumped on the burlap bandwagon.   I LOVE it!  Some might actually say, obsessed.  I wouldn't go that far but I have yet to see a project made with some sort of burlap that I didn't like and want to recreate.  

This is something that I put together to hang above my bed.   I made the burlap wreath myself (I will post a tutorial in the future when I make one for my mom.) The "His" and "Hers" frames I bought at my local Goodwill for $4.00 each.   They still had the sticker on the back from Bed Bath & Beyond.   I just added the burlap bows.    

You'll have to forgive my photography skills.  I never take good pictures and I promise this looks better in person.   (I'm thinking this should be disclaimer on all my posts with photos I've taken myself.)  

Do you shop at Goodwill, Salvation Army or any Thrift store?  I do and I'm proud to admit it!